3 Ways To Support Your Teen For A Successful First Day At Private High School

Now that your teen is entering high school in a privatized setting, the atmosphere and social structure may be a bit different than they've been used to while attending public school. The first day at their new private high school is likely to feel like their first day of kindergarten all over again – everything is foreign, activities and schedules aren't familiar, and everyone at school is a stranger. But with just a little extra support, you can help make sure that your teen's first day at private school is a success. Try one or more of these tips and tricks:  

Schedule a Lunch Date Beforehand

A great way to help your teen feel more comfortable and secure about going to a new private facility for high school is to schedule a lunch date at the school before their official first day. This will give you a chance to speak with various facilitators and gain some insight into school policies and schedules, and your teen will have an opportunity to get to know other students and make a few friends before their first official day of attending the school themselves.

Order School Uniforms Early

Your teen will likely be required to wear an official school uniform when they attend classes, so it's a good idea to order the outfits a few weeks early if possible. With outfits in hand, your teen should have some time to shop for new accessories that go with their uniforms and create their own individual style that they'll feel good about when walking into school on their first day and beyond. Make sure your teen has a copy of the school dress codes while fashioning their school outfit so they can ensure that their chosen style will meet school standards.   

Encourage After School Activities

If your teen is interested in reading groups, dance classes, acting lessons, or other activities that might be offered at the school, encourage them to sign up for a couple of available after-school activities to get involved with during the weeks leading up to their official attendance. After getting permission to sign up for after school activities early, your teen can engage with other students and create a dynamic personal life to enjoy once they start attending the school full-time.

These techniques shouldn't be too time consuming or expensive, yet they can make a positive difference in your teen's experience as they navigate their way through the first days and months at their new private high school (such as International School of MN).